Training Workshop on Regional Severe Weather and Flash Flood Hazard Early Warning Mechanism

Training Workshop on Regional Severe Weather and Flash Flood Hazard Early Warning Mechanism


Overall, the capacity building program will provide an opportunity to:

 Provide an updated overview on different approaches used for severe weather prediction/ forecasting of rainfall in the region;

 Understand the role of agencies involved in severe weather early warning and their mechanisms in the SAARC region.

 Discuss the issues and challenges of hazard assessment and ways of risk communication amongst the stakeholders.

 Understand opportunity to develop simple prediction Mechanism using Climate Prediction Tool (CPT) for the region;

Duration 15/10/2019 to 17/10/2019
Organizer SAARC Disaster Management Centre
Venue Country INDIA
Venue City Gandhinagar
Venue SAARC Disaster Management Centre (SDMC-IU), GIDM Campus, Raisan Village, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Registration Deadline 13/10/2019
Language Of Event Fluency in spoken and written English
Target Audience About 25 participants from the SAARC Member States working with National Meteorological and Hydrology Services, disaster management agencies and relevant departments are expected to be participated in the training workshop.

The course will be delivered using modern learning techniques with an emphasis on interactive lectures, group exercises, field visits and group brainstorming. The course will be enriched by guest speakers who will host debates and discussions using their wealth of practical experience in the field to provide cutting-edge insights on Severe Weather and Flash Flood Hazard Early Warning Systems. Participants will also be encouraged to share their experiences of end–to-end Early warning systems and dissemination techniques from their respective countries.

Resource Person

  • Mr. Tayba B Tamang
  • Dr D R Pattanaik
  • Col Sanjay Srivastava
  • Dr. K J Ramesh
  • Dr. Sekhar L. Kuriakose
  • Mr O P Sreejith
  • Suman Kumar Karna
  • Mr. Abhinav Shukla


  • Mr. Sayed Abdul Baset Rahmani
  • Mr. Eng Sayed Sarwoddin Saifi
  • Mr. Mohammad Ishaq Noori
  • Mr. Md. Asadur Rahman
  • Mr. Syed Md. Nurul Basir
  • Mr. Tayba B Tamang
  • Ms. Monju Subba
  • Mr. Pema Wangdi
  • Dr. Jayanta Sarkar
  • Dr. Manorama Mohanty
  • Mr. Bikramaditya Barik
  • Mr. Brijendra Kumar Mishra
  • Mr. Ankur Srivastava
  • Trupti J. Vyas
  • Sandeep k. Pandey
  • Mr. Ibrahim Miflal Fayaz
  • Mr. Asim Shameem
  • Mr. Dilliram Acharya
  • Mr. Sunil Pokharel
  • Ms. Sajeena Shakya
  • Mr. Muhammad Tariq Masood Farooka
  • Mr. H M A C Bandara
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