Towards Coherent Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy Development, Implementation and Monitoring among SAARC Member States

Towards Coherent Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy Development, Implementation and Monitoring among SAARC Member States


The overall purpose of this workshop is to strengthen capacities for coherent disaster risk reduction strategy development, implementation and monitoring at regional, national and local level (Sendai Framework Target E) among SAARC Member States through shared lessons learned and introduction to latest guidance and tools.

Overall, the training workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to:
 Refresh understanding of concepts and trends in disaster risk reduction, risk-informed development, climate change adaptation and sustainable development.
 Share participating countries’ lessons and recommended approaches for developing and implementing national DRR strategies in coherence with development, climate change and sectoral plans and strategies.
 Identify gaps and opportunities to ‘review and re-align’ current DRR strategies and implementation action plans to inform a regional DRR framework.
 Learn from global and regional disaster risk reduction case studies, including governance, finance and planning.
 Strengthen understanding of the institutional arrangements and partnerships needed for Sendai Framework implementation at national and/or regional, local and sectoral level.
 Plan the way forward at regional and national level to scale up collaboration to reduce the risks and impacts of disasters.

After completing this workshop, the participants will be able to:
 ‘Make the case for risk-informed development and Disaster Risk Reduction’: share deepened understanding of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (goal, outcome, targets, priorities, principles) as an imperative for addressing climate change and sustainable development.
 Understand recommended approaches and requirements for developing, implementing and monitoring national and local DRR strategies in line with Sendai Framework Target E related to SDGs 1, 11 and 13.
 Use or adapt the workshop tools and approach to ‘review and re-align’ ongoing strategic planning, implementation and monitoring processes at various levels.
 Understand mechanisms and approaches for implementation (financing, M&E, capacity development, legal and regulatory frameworks, partnerships and institutional arrangements) of DRR strategies, is enhanced among Member states
 Identify ways forward to update and align the SAARC regional DRM framework to the Sendai Framework

Duration 09/07/2019 to 11/07/2019
Organizer SAARC Disaster Management Centre
Co-organizers UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) Global Education and Training Institute (GETI) and Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP)
Venue Country INDIA
Venue City Gandhinagar
Venue SAARC Disaster Management Centre (SDMC-IU), GIDM Campus, Raisan Village, Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Registration Deadline 07/07/2019
Language Of Event Fluency in spoken and written English
Target Audience SAARC Member State Sendai Framework focal ministries, Ministry of Finance, planning authorities or others from national government responsible for developing and implementing disaster risk reduction, development, climate change and sectoral plans and strategies for resilient development 7 Development partners and UN entities.
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