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South Asian Disaster Knowledge Network (SADKN)

SAARC Disaster Management Center

The South Asian Disaster Knowledge Network (SADKN) is a gateway to knowledge and information on disaster risk management in South Asia. Designed and developed by the SAARC Disaster Management Centre External website that opens in a new window, New Delhi, the SADKN web portal will act as the common platform for sharing knowledge and information among the multiple stakeholders of the member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional CooperationExternal website that opens in a new window (SAARC) on the multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral issues of disaster risk assessment, risk prevention, mitigation and preparedness and disaster response, relief, recovery and reconstruction.

The SADKN portal will provide ready access to clear, understandable and user-friendly information about real time, impending and historical disasters, details of hazards, vulnerabilities and risks of disasters in structured layers of digitized maps in WebGIS platform, and wealth of resources, references, images and videos on practically every aspect of disaster management that the users would be interested to know.

The SADKN will provide decision makers with the instant geospatial support for assessing risks and communicating about hazards and the exposure that vulnerable people and infrastructure have to these hazards and assist them in locating disaster occurrences and probable fall outs, and taking important decisions regarding evacuation, damage and loss assessment, recovery and risk reduction.

The SADKN has dynamic features like Disaster Dashboard, Real Time Weather ForecastsExternal website that opens in a new window, NetworksExternal website that opens in a new window, Discussion ForumExternal website that opens in a new window, Chats and BlogsExternal website that opens in a new window, FAQsExternal website that opens in a new window, Kids CornerExternal website that opens in a new window etc that would enable the users to meet and interact with each other to share their experiences and find solutions to their problems and issues. It will create an environment to encourage people to create, learn, organize, share, use and reuse knowledge on disaster management.

The SADKN is a network of networks, with one regional and eight national portals, that would involve the national, provincial and local governments, international organizations, scientific, technical and academic institutions, non-government organizations, media and corporate sectors, communities and individuals in South Asia in sharing knowledge and good practices on disaster management.

The SADKN has the vision to create one stop unified point of access to disaster management knowledge and services and thereby accelerate and improve the quality of disaster mitigation and response in the region.

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