Given the high incidence of disasters in the region, there is a need to constantly upgrade capabilities for disaster response. Accordingly, SAARC Member States signed SAARC Agreement on Rapid Response to Natural Disaster (SARRND) with an objective to provide effective regional mechanisms for rapid response to disasters to achieve substantial reduction of disaster losses in lives and in the The SAARC –STORM (Severe Thunderstorms: Observation and Regional Modelling) programme taken up by SAARC Meteorological Centre (SMRC), Dhaka in association with Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD), Dhaka, Bangladesh; Department of Hydrology and Met Services (DHMS), Thimphu, Bhutan; and Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), Kathmandu, Nepal and India Meteorology Department (IMD), India. Implementation of SAARC-STORM Project STORM Programme was conceived as a cooperative scientic endeavour between SAARC countries, for improving prediction of severe storms frequenting India, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. ISRO's commitment towards this project include supply and installation of meteorological equipments including 50 numbers of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), 4 numbers of GPS Sonde Stations with associated consumables and a Doppler Weather Radar (DWR), in Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Major Programs and Activities social, economic and environmental assets of the Parties, and to jointly respond to disaster emergencies through concerted national efforts and intensied regional cooperation. SDMC (IU) has initiated the process to implement SARRND.

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